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Can invest directly into our YFS Intelligent Wealth Fund or use our managed portfolio via a Financial Adviser.

Are you at the early stages of your career and keen to build wealth for yourself and your growing family?

Here at Minerva Money Management, we are challenging the status quo for investors. We believe traditional investment management is broken.

We’re on a mission to do things differently. Our YFS Intelligent Wealth Fund invests in future technologies and innovative companies that are going to shape our future.

At the heart of our investments is a core belief in ethical and sustainable practices for investors. This is why we are proud to be part of the Principles for Responsible Investment and are B Corp certified.

What you get from the Intelligent Wealth Fund

Minerva Money Management are constantly analysing today’s news and focusing on the long-term trends.

We don’t want to keep this to ourselves though. We want to educate you and help you understand the truth about investing so you can build your own wealth and find financial freedom.

Our team have all followed the key ingredients for successful investing and have gone from nothing to financial success.

We invested £10,000 for a young man who still lives at home with his parents. He is very keen to build his wealth so he decided to invest in our fund rather than leave most of his money in a bank earning very little interest. He also saves £100 a month in order to buy our fund at average prices throughout the year so when prices are low he buys more units cheaply. It also means that he doesn’t invest all of his money when prices are high. He really likes the strategy of building his wealth gradually and patiently.

This could be you too.

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