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Find out more about how connectivity impacts our day to day lives and how to use it to your advantage

Why does the YFS Intelligent Wealth Fund invest in Connectivity?

Today more than 4 billion people are now connected to the internet more than ever before in history. Minerva Money Management believes the world is transitioning from physical to digital, especially with the breakthrough of several technological advancements, the world is becoming more interconnected. 

A number of industries have been revolutionised by technology and many more have been made obsolete by new technology that never existed before. It was unimaginable thirty years ago that refrigerators could tell you when milk or juice are low, but thanks to technology advances, that is now possible.

Connectivity is expected to extend to vehicles, wallets, health monitors, and our finances, connecting everything to the internet. The internet will not only be available on Earth, but also on Mars.

It will not be necessary to learn new languages, since we can use an app that translates our speech in real time, transforming our entire knowledge ecosystem into an online one, which will allow us to communicate internationally. Many companies, governments, and schools have transitioned to remote work since the Coronavirus epidemic. 


In order to work from home, you need software that works anywhere and enables collaboration tools. Therefore, connectivity software will become increasingly important in the future.

It is becoming easier for humans to access knowledge, especially with access to cheap mobile devices available worldwide, and educational tools like Khan Academy, Coursera, and Wikipedia becoming more accessible.

Humanity will benefit greatly from a more informed and educated world population as well as a huge impact on literacy and numeracy.

According to the World Economic Forum an estimated 70% of new value created in the economy over the next decade will be based on a digital-enabled platform business model.

In the coming years, technologies such as the internet of things, 5G, cloud computing, cybersecurity, virtual reality data centres, and artificial intelligence will revolutionise the way we work, shop,stream videos, and socialise.

A first wave of human productivity came from agriculture, a second wave from the industrial revolution, and a third wave from electronics and information technology.

Human productivity is now in its fourth wave, the information age, where silicon chips and other sophisticated technology are necessary to power them.  

The YFS Intelligent Wealth Fund is well positioned to capitalise on the opportunities that will shape our future, in the belief that the internet of the future will be global, faster, and safer, and more private. The Fund is authorised in the United Kingdom and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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