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Who We Are

We manage your money in order to build your wealth and help make you financially free to enable you to live the life you want rather than the life someone else wants you to live.  We are on a mission to invest in innovative and disruptive companies creating superior value for society with us in seven themes of the future.

Our Story
I know what is like to be poor. I grew up in the East End of London. My parents were unskilled blue collar workers who always earned below average wages. My father was a gambling addict most of his life. I lived in a Council house until I was 27. I wanted to form a fund management business to create funds to help build wealth for you so you too could live a better life like me.
Our Mission
The problem with fund managers is that they have two customers, investors and shareholders, which means they have a conflict of interest so they favour their shareholders to the detriment of their investors. We solve this problem by remaining a private company which puts investors at the heart of our business. We have no external shareholders to please. We put you, the investor, first because we believe in win:win not win:lose in our favour.
Our Fund Includes

The YFS Intelligent Wealth Fund is investing in companies that are reshaping our economy by changing the way we work, shop, interact, improving our healthcare and environment.


Aims to provide a broad exposure to Internet of things, 5G, cloud computing, cybersecurity, virtual reality, data center and artificial inteligence (AI).


Seeks to benefit from companies that are enhancing our quality of life using new innovative technology.


Seeks to revolutionise the financial industry by benefitting from the growth of blockchain technology, E-commerce, digital wallets and Software as a Service.

Transport Tech

Seeks to provide exposure to companies that are reducing pollution on our planet by radically transforming the transportation sector. The areas include autonomous cars, electric vehicles, drones, eVTOL.

Automation & Robotics

Seek to benefit from growing adoption of robotics and automation, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Renewable Energy

Seek to benefit from sustainable and climate friendly energy technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The areas include battery storage, hydrogen power.

Next Gen Internet

Seek to provide exposure to companies that are revolutionising the way we communicate, socialise, and interact.

Our 5 Star Investment Process

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We identify disruptive and innovative companies that have significant growth potential that can deliver exceptional compound returns over the long term.

We focus on extraordinary businesses run by visionary founders with scalable business models.

We focus on businesses that generate high cash flow and return on capital with great re-investment opportunities to deploy it.

We allocate more capital to superior businesses that can create long term capital appreciation and have strong competitive advantages.

We focus on highly ethical and environmental companies.

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Disclosure of Holdings

We are transparent and here is the full disclosure of our holdings. For the most up to date documents click here.

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